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  Lessons Personalized for All Ages and Abilities 

  Private Lessons    

Our Private Lessons are personalized for every individuals age and ability.  Whether you are just starting out or an experienced musician, working with a qualified instructor will open the doors to playing, creating, and discovering your musical potential.  Lessons are taught at our fully equipped academy or in the comfort of your home.  

  Group Lessons   

There is no better way to learn to create music than by learning to "jam" with other musicians.  Playing with others develops the ear, music theory skills, and overall performance skills.  We work with each individual band to help develop the many essential skills that encompass any great band.  We invite all our private lesson clients to take part in group lessons when they are ready.

  Worship Program    

Are you a worship leader at your church?  Is your church looking for opportunities to enhance music during worship?  We train individual musicians and consult with congregations to enhance, engage, and develop music programs within churches.  Our intent is to eliminate distractions, uplift congregations, and provide meaningful worship music.

  Recording and Video Services  

RECORDING:  Can't afford the costs of cutting a record with a big studio?  We'll work with you to track a professional sound mixed and mastered by an experienced producer.  We record with industry standard Focusrite Audio Interfaces and Digital Audio Workspaces including PreSonus Studio One and Ableton Live 9.  


VIDEO:  Need video work to accompany your new song?  There is no better way to help promote it than with a quality music video.  We will plan, produce, shoot, and edit your videos in full 1080P HD quality.  

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