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Jon Streckert - Producer and Recording Consultant


A lover of all good music, Jon Streckert has been making electronic music under the name Dr_Stre since getting his hands on music production software Ableton Live in 2011. Once more of a singer songwriter, Jon quickly adapted to the electronic music genre after experimenting with Ableton.  Jon is a huge fan of blending real organic instrument sounds such as guitar, strings, and piano with more electronic beats. A guitarist and bassist himself, Jon is always looking for ways to add live instrumentation to his music which is always evolving and never seems to fall into one specific genre.


Jon graduated from  Slam Academy in downtown Minneapolis in 2013 to expand his music production knowledge.  He received a Producer Certification from Slam Academy in 2014 and has been featured in their student compilation album.


Jon loves more than just electronic music, and will work hard to create a well crafted production in any genre the artist is interested in.

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