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"Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world."

                               - Martin Luther

Learning an instrument takes time, commitment, and patience.  It can be an incredibly rewarding experience and can unleash unknown talents.  An experienced instructor will put you on track to unlocking these gifts . We offer personalized instruction for all ages and abilities on guitar, vocals, drums, piano, and bass.  


The guitar is one of the most diverse and popular instruments today.  There are several major parts of learning this instrument: melody, rhythm, percussion, song writing, finger dexterity and coordination.  If you want a tool that you will be able to use in many musical contexts, fosters endless creativity and hones musical technque, then learning the guitar is for you.    


Everyone has a voice and everyone can learn to sing.  Learning to control and harness that voice is what vocal lessons are about.  With regular practice and dedication everyone can learn to expand their voice, gain confidence, and be a singer.

Drums & Percussion

The backbone of every band is its drummer.  From concert band, jazz bands, or rock bands; having a good drummer makes everything click.  Drummers are the masters of dynamics, rhythm, and tempo.   Learning and understanding this fundamental instrument is key to unlocking many musical gifts.  


Learning the piano first is the most important step anyone can take in their musical education.  Everything that one learns on this instrument translates directly to their next instrument and overall understanding of music.  


Much like the drums, the bass is a fundamental instrument to any band.  Bass players are equally important and provide the foundation for all other instruments to ride on.  A good bassist elevates the rest of the band to the next level.  If you are willing to take on the challenge of holding your band together, bass is for you.

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