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Seth Herlich - Piano, Drum, and Vocal Instructor


Seth is an extremely qualified instructor with years of experience in both classical and contemporary music.  His ability to teach music fundamentals, music theory, creativity and a passion for music, make him a great fit for Wegner Music Academy.  Seth's main duties include teaching 

individual piano, drum, and vocal lessons.  As well as teaching group lessons and new outreach opportunities for Wegner Music Academy.

Seth's qualifications include fifteen years of musical experience as a trained pianist as well as twelve years drum and percussion experience.  He has received awards from the Wisconsin State Music Association as part of piano, drum, and acapella performances. And also is a recipient of the Louis Armstrong award while playing with the Luther Preparatory Jazz Band.  

Seth also is a worship leader at Bethlehem Church and enjoys exercising and mountain biking in his free time.

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