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Our Partnership 


We are excited to partner with Bethlehem Lutheran Church.  Bethlehem church is located in Lakeville, Minnesota. 


Their commitment to this ministry is essential to providing christian music education.  With their continued support we will continue to educate musicians that play for Christ's glory. 


Find out more about Bethlehem at

Our Mission


We believe God has given us the gift of music.  The academy's mission is to train individual's to use this gift to glorify our Lord, encourage an overall passion for music, and be an outreach tool throughout the community.


Our Teaching Philosophy


Our instruction looks to foster well-rounded musicians that specialize in their own areas of interest.  These areas include all genres of music, but we specialize in worship music. We want our clients to learn to create music, to play music, and mostly importantly to enjoy the art of music.  We strive to grow and enable passionate musicians that will continue to share the gift of music in their homes, communities, churches, and beyond.  

Danny Wegner  
Founder’s Notes 


Everyday I get the opportunity to share my joint passion for music and faith.  Giving clients the opportunity to learn an instrument, write a song, and share in the joy I receive from playing music is a calling I am blessed to have.  My hope for everyone I work with is that they feel comfortable in learning, excited to grow in their musical abilities, and most importantly enjoy doing it.  On top of that, I work to enable clients to use their gifts in their faith life at church, home, and in the community.

We’d love to hear from you!

Tel: 952-237-4605

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